February Online Vegan Workshops

February Online Vegan Workshops

February Online Vegan Workshops

We miss having you at our Vegan Workshops that’s why we have decided to lunch a special promotion for February! Online Vegan workshops for only £50/workshop. 

Make a present 🎁 for your family and friends and gather together at our Online Vegan Workshops!

  How does it work?

1. BOOK your Online Vegan Workshop: ENERGY BALLS

2. CONTACT us and let’s arrange a time and day for the workshop. 

3. CHECK YOUR INBOX: You’ll have an email from us with: - List of ingredients needed - Link for the workshop 

4. CONNECT with your computer/tablet/phone to the workshop. 

5. EAT your Energy Balls. . . As simple as that. 


1. When can I book the workshop? We have to agree on a time and day together 

2. How do I book a workshop? Either DM here at our web www:my-vegan-yummy-muffins-uneniweb.com 

3. How do I pay? PayPal or bank transfer 

4. Can I invite others to the workshop? Yes!! The price is £50 per workshop. You can invite as many friends/family as you want. 

5. How long is the workshop? The workshop is 1 hour. 

6. Do we get the recipes? Yes, of course, you do! We will email you the recipes with the confirmation of your booking. 

7. Do you do other vegan workshops apart from Energy Balls? Yes, we do!

We do Paella workshop, Raw Italian workshop, Raw sweets workshop and Savoury Vegan workshops. 

8. Can I buy it for a friend as a gift card? Yes, you can. We will email the gift card to your friend. Gift cards can be redeemed at any time. 

9. Odd question: Do you do workshops in Spanish too? Si!! Pues claro!! We speak Spanish, Italian and Russian. Let us know when booking if you’d like to do the workshop in any of those languages.

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