Raw Vegan Spanish Workshop

Raw Vegan Spanish Workshop

Raw Vegan Spanish Workshop

When thinking of raw people visualize a salad. Raw vegan food is more than salads and in this workshop we will prove that.

You‘ll be surprised of the quality raw vegan meals we have in Spain.

During this 3 hours workshop learn how to prepare:

- The enigmatic Ajo Blanco

- Andalusian Gazpacho

- Summer Castilian Bean Salad

- Virgin sangría

- Canarian mojo 

Learn how to prepare well known and hidden secrets of the Spanish gastronomy and surprise your guests next time they’ll come over for dinner.

Come to Stoke Newington N16 to our kitchen/studio in a warehouse and learn the alternative way to cook raw savoury meals. 

For booking information, please contact us filling up the contact form or call us to 07598987293

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